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Total 1,214 Players Got registered for the IPL 22 auction – Let’s Deep Drive

Players registered for the IPL 22

If we talk about IPL 2022, then March is the month when IPL is going to start. On 20th January 2020, the registration for players registration got closed and 1,214 players were registered in this season. Out of 1,214 players, 896 are Indian players, whereas the remaining  318 players are from overseas. Here we will be seeing the details on how many players were retained and from which all countries that people were registered in the IPL 2022.

As players are now registered, everyone is waiting for the IPL Auction 2022, which is going to take place in Bangalore in the month of Feb 2022. Apart from that, one of the major news is that Tata is going to be the new sponsor this IPL 2022, which means no more Vivo to be seen.

List of players Retained in IPL 2022

Below is the list of players that the team has retained for the IPL 2022. Players like Hardik Pandya and Rashid Khan are shifted to the new team, Team Ahmedabad. Let us give yo more clarity on the same with below mentioned table.

Team Players Retained
Chennai Super Kings
Delhi Capitals
Kolkata Knight Riders
Mumbai Indians
Punjab Kings
Rajasthan Royals
Royal Challengers Bangalore
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Team Ahmedabad
Team Lucknow

By seeing the above list, i do believe that you might have several questions. If you have nay more more doubts on IPL new team don’t forget to contact us. Let us know how excited are you for IPL 2022 in the comment below.

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