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IPL 2022 Auction To Take Place On February 2022 in Bengaluru

IPL Auction Update 2022

2022 IPL is yet to come, but we are quite sure that players’ action has already started. In fact, in 2022, we will also see 2 new teams from Ahmedabad and Lucknow. In the year 2021, the IPL franchise spent Rs 145.3 crore on 57 players. In 2022, we are sure that the spending will increase from Rs 145 Cr to  Rs 200 Cr. Adding 2 new teams has already created the Hype. The good news is that IPL auction 2022 is confirmed and let’s find out below.

When is the IPL 2022 Auction?

It has been officially announced that the IPL auction 2022 will happen on 12 February and 13 February 2022 in Bengaluru. But, IPL has already had the list of teams and their players list with them, which they received on 30th Nov 2101. This auction will be called the IPL 2022  Mega Auction. With an additional 2 teams, the hype of the IPL is at its peak.

What’s known to everyone is about the list of players who are retained and from which team.

List of teams that have retained players for IPL 2022

From Chennai Super King, Ravindra Jadeja has retained at Rs 16 Cr, and following to him is MS Dhoni at Rs 12 Cr. Apart from these 2, Moeen Ali and Ruturaj Gaikwad have also been retained at Rs 8 Cr and Rs 6 Cr respectively.

From Kolkata Knight Riders, Andre Russel has been retained at Rs 12 Cr, and along with him, Venkatesh Ayer has been retained at Rs Rs 8 Cr. He has been paid at the same level as Varun Chakravarthy

If we talk about Mumbai Indians, it does not look like they will leave Rohit Sharma and Jasprit Burma Mumbai Indians who are paid Rs 16 Cr and Rs 12 Cr respectively. Whereas in  Royal Challengers you will again see Virat Kohli. Apart from the above players and teams, other teams have also retained their players. In fact, other are players from the 2 new team is what users are still waiting for.

Stay tuned with us and know more about IPL teams and Cricketers Net Worth with us.

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