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Sunil Narine Net Worth

Sunil Narine Net Worth- IPL Salary Stats Lifestyle Relationship

Sunil Narine is a West Indies cricket player born on 26 May 1988. He started his ODI career In Dec 2011. He is an off-spin bowler and has taken 21 wickets in 6 test matches, 92 wickets in 65 ODI, and 52 wickets in 51 T20. In the IPL he is planing for Kolkata Knight Riders since 2012. Being one of the top players, he also has an amazing lifestyle. We have seen huge growth and improvements in his game and his cricket career too. Hence, here we are talking about Sunil Narine Net Worth, IPL salary and more.

Sunil Narine Net Worth

Being an amazing player, he is also coming under the top 30 richest crickets. In total 9 seasons, Sunil Narine Net worth is 95.2 Cr. Apart from that he also makes money from endorsements and other channels too. As of 2021, Sunil Narine Net worth is more than Rs 105 Cr.

Sunil Narine IPL Salary

Sunil Narine started his career in IPL in the year 2012. Since 2012 he is playing for Kolkata Knight Riders. He was paid 3.2 Cr in the year 2012 and now is one of the highest-paid players of 2017 we saw a hike in Sunil’s salary from Rs 3.2 Cr to Rs 9.5 Cr. Again Sunil Narine IPL salary got increased in the year 2018 and till now it is Rs. 12.50 Cr

Sunil Narine IPL Salary Year Wise

Started in the year 2013 in KKR, Sunil is still playing for the same team. He started at Rs 2.5 Cr and now has reached Rs 12.5 Cr. Check Sunil Narine IPL Salary is as follows.

Team Year Salary
Kolkata Knight Riders 2012 Rs. 3.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2013 Rs. 3.7 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2014 Rs. 9.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2015 Rs. 9.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2016 Rs. 9.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2017 Rs. 9.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2018 Rs. 12.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2019 Rs. 12.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2020 Rs. 12.5 Cr
Kolkata Knight Riders 2021 Rs. 12.5 Cr
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