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Los Angeles Lakers Players Salary & Team Worth

Los Angeles Lakers Net Worth- Franchise Value, Players List & History

Los Angeles Lakers Net Worth: $5.5 Billion

The Los Angeles Lakers is an American professional basketball team based in Loa Angeles. the Lakers are the most successful team in the NBA and they have won 17 NBA Championship. they have tied with the Boston Celtics for the most in NBA history. Well, they play their home games at the arena. the team is the profitable franchise in the NBA and has a great valuation. the team was founded in 1947, previously the team name was Minneapolis Lakers from 1947–to 1960, and from 1960 the team has. changed their name to Los Angeles Lakers. Check Los Angeles Lakers net worth, franchise value & more

Los Angeles Worth

Los Angeles Lakers were valued at $5.5 billion whereas the sale of Philip Anschutz’s 27% stake in the team. Mak Walter and Todd Boehly are the owners of the team and Bibigo is the first global sponsorship of the franchise. He will pay the franchise more than $100 million over five years.

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Los Angeles Franchise Value

The team has a robust franchise value which has risen tenfold since 2003. The latest estimates speak about the team value at $5.5 billion. It makes it the third most valuable and lucrative franchise in the National Basketball Association.

YearFranchise Value
2003$426 million
2004$447 million
2005$510 million
2006$529 million
2007$568 million
2009$584 million
2010$607 million
2011$643 million
2012$900 million
2013$1000 million
2014$1350 million
2015$2600 million
2016$2700 million
2017$3000 million
2018$3300 million
2019$3700 million
2020$4400 million
2021$5500 million

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Los Angeles Lakers Players Salary 2022

Los Angeles has good players on the list and all of them are the best NBA-paid players.

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