DJ Augustin Net Worth- Earnings, Salary & Career

DJ Augustin Net Worth

DJ Augustin is an American Professional Basketball player who began his professional career in 2008 with Charlotte Bobcats. Initially, he started playing in his college for Texas Longhorns where he played for 2 years 2006-2008. Augustin was drafted ninth by Charlotte Bobcats in the 2008 NBA draft. Know more about DJ Augustin net worth, earnings, career, and more.

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DJ Augustin Net Worth

Being a professional basketball player Augustin has a good net worth. His income comes from various sources but among them, basketball income is one of the prominent sources for him. DJ Augustin net worth is $16 million.

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DJ Augustin Salary/ NBA Contract

Augustin has played for many teams in his entire career. In the 14 years of his career, his NBA contract jas increased every year as compared to the past years. He is making 14.33 percent more than past 2 years.

According to his salary/ NBA contract stats, he is the 165 best-paid NBA player. And he is the 17 best-paid player on the Los Angeles Lakers. Furthermore, he is the best-paid guard in the year 2022

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