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Avery Bradley Net Worth

Avery Bradely Net Worth- Salary, Career & Earnings

Avery Bradley Net Worth- $8-$10 Million

Avery Antonio Bradley Jr is an American professional basketball payer. He started his Basketball career in 2009 and was ranked as in the top high school basketball players. As per his impressive performance in the basketball match ESPNU 100 rated him No.1 nationally and was rated 4 by He won the National High School basketball championship game against Oak Hill Academy. After that win, he was named National High School Basketball player of the year by Parade Magazine.

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In 2010, he was drafted to Boston Celtics and was recognized as an NBA All Defensive Team member. Apart from this Bradely has played for number of teams such as Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat, and Houston Rockets. Know more about Avery Bradely net worth, Career, Earnings & more.

Avery Bradley Net Worth

Avery is one of the rickest baseball player in the NBA. He has played for many teams in NBA and has signed lucrative deals. While playing in Houston Rockets his net worth has seen a massive hike. Avery has not signed a single contract below $10 million. Most of his contract comes from Boston Celtics. Avery Bradley net worth is $8-$10 million.

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Avery Bradley Salary/NBA Contract

Avery has is a 303 best paid NBA player in 2022. He has signed a two year deal with Los Angeles Lakers for $9.77 million. While playing for Lakers. he become the 2020 NBA Champion. In 2022, he is the 9th best plaid player for Lakers. Also he is a 139 best paid guard this year.

2010-2011Boston Celtics$1,418,160
2011-2012Boston Celtics$1,524,480
2012-2013Boston Celtics$1,630,800
2013-2014Boston Celtics$2,511,432
2014-2015Boston Celtics$7,191,011
2015-2016Boston Celtics$7,730,337
2016-2017Boston Celtics$8,269,663
2017-2018Los Angeles Clippers$8,808,989
2018-2019Memphis Grizzlies$12,000,000
2019-2020Los Angeles Lakers$4,767,000
2020-2021Houston Rockets$5,635,000
2021-2022Los Angeles Lakers$2,641,691

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