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Dan Bongino Net Worth

Dan Bongino net worth, Salary

Dan Bongino Net Worth: $20 Million

If you talk about American conservative politicians, then Dan Bongino is one common name you will hear. Apart from that, Dan is also known for his radio shows and also as an author. From the year 1995 to 1999, he was serving the NYPD and now he is hosting “The Dan Bongino Show“, which is a conservative talk radio show.

Currently, Dan Bongino Net Worth is around $20 Million and if you are here then you definitely want to know more details about it. Hence, we are here to let you go through everything he has in his net worth. With this you will get answer to how Dan Bongino made a net worth of $20 Million.

Dan Bongino Net Worth

As said earlier, Dan Bongino has a total of $20 Million net worth. If we talk only his royalty income form his books, then he makes roughly around $1 Million every year. Not only that, but he also runs his owns radio show/video podcast, which is majorly runs on Rumble and is expected to earn roughly around $2 Million from that show alone.

Apart form that he has some expensive cars and also an expensive house that is included in his net worth.

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Dan Bongino Fox News Salary

Before Dan was offered the show in Fox News, we might have seen in a dozens times every month. Look’s like Fox news loved his appearance and offered him a job with a show name “Unfiltered with Dan Bongino“. As per sources, Fox News offered him the shows at $3 Million for the year.

Dan Bongino House

Dan has a lavish and rich life. He owns a house on New York which is around 3,200 Sq. feet area. The house has 5 beds rooms and 6 bathrooms as per sources. When we tried to get the cost for Dan Bongino’s house, we got to that that the house cost $5 Million.

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Dan Bongino Investments & Other Businesses

Apart form all the other source of incomes he has, Dan also has a good business sense. One of his business is the books he writes and form that he earns roughly around $1 Million. Apart from that he is quite active on stock market and have invested roughly around $11 Million only on stock market.

Things people ask about Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino is a popular name and hence there are many things that people ask about him. Hence, we are here to reply to all those questions here. If you want to ask more than what is mentioned below, feel free to ask us.

Who is Dan Bongino Wife?

Dan Bongino is married to a long time love and a lovely wife named, Paula Andrea Bongino.

How much did Fox News Paid Dan Bongino?

As per sources, Dan Bongino was paid around $3 Million per year for his show in Fox news.

How many kids does Dan Bongino has?

Dan Bongino has 2 kids, named Isabel Bongino and Amelia Bongino.

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