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Brooklyn Nets Players Salary & Team Worth

Brooklyn Nets Net Worth- Franchise Value, Players List & Income

Brooklyn Net is an American Professional basketball team which is based in New York City. the team plays home games at Barclays Center. they are one of the two teams of the NBA in new york city well the other one is the New York Knicks. the team is was established in 1967 they played the first season as the New Jersey Americans. During the time nets won two ABA championships in 1974 and 1976. In 1976 they merged with NBA and absorbed into three NBA with three ABA teams san Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, and Indiana Pacers.

Brooklyn Nets Franchise Net Worth

The Brooklyn nets and New York liberty entered into the contract with Webull. the deal reported $30 million a year, Weibull has the first-ever partnership the company can have an open partnership with i. and out of USA.

In addition, they have become the jersey patch partner of the Brooklyn nets beginning with the 2021-2022 Nba Season.

the Brooklyn nets owner is Joseph Tai. Now, t Brooklyn net’s revenue is $212 million. and the operating income is -$80 million. the debt value of the team is 9% and the player expenses are $156 million. Brooklyn Nets revenue per fan is $8. The overall Brooklyn Nets franchise net worth or team value is $3.2 billion.

Brooklyn Nets Net Worth Each Year (Franchise Value)

Brooklyn is one of the oldest and the good earning teams in the NBA. Since 2003 the Brooklyn Nets net worth or the franchise value has been augmented around $3000 million in 18 years.

Since 2003 each year Brooklyn Nets net worth has been increased by 10% to 1000%. The below-mentioned are the year-wise franchise value.

Year Franchise Value
2003 $218 million
2004 $244 million
2005 $296 million
2006 $271 million
2007 $325 million
2008 $338 million
2009 $295 million
2010 $269 million
2011 $312 million
2012 $357 million
2013 $530 million
2014 $780 million
2015 $1500 million
2016 $1700 million
2017 $1800 million
2018 $2300 million
2019 $2350 million
2020 $2500 million
2021 $3200 million

Brooklyn Nets YouTube Channel Income

Brooklyn Nets has a youtube channel with over 36.90k subscribers. The channel has started in 2006 and it has 609 videos uploaded.

Brooklyn Nets Channel income is $24892, whereas they make $143 daily, $999 weekly, $5528 monthly, and $11809 yearly.

Brooklyn Nets Player List

Brooklyn Nets has 16 players on the team all of them are at good net worth. Here’s the list of Brooklyn Nets Players.

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