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Malik Monk Net Worth

Malik Monk Net Worth- Earnings, Career& NBA Contract

Malik Monk Net Worth- $3 Million

Malik Ahmad Monk is an American professional basketball player who played for two professional teams in the NBA. In 2015, he tweeted to be attending the University of Kentucky. In 2017 he made a record with 47 points in a win over the University of North Carolina. After a few day, he scored 34 points in 99-76 over Ole Miss. In 2017 he scored 27 points in 73-63. Monk was named SEC player and Freshman of the Year. Know more about Malik Monk net worth, career, earnings & more.

Malik Monk Net Worth

Malk is one of the god players of NBA and the Lakes. He has signed a lucrative contract with the teams n college and in the NBA. Monk lives a lavish and luxurious life with a good net worth. Malik Monk net worth is $3 million.

Malik Monk Salary/NBA Contract

Malik has signed a million dollar four-year contract with Charlotte Hornets. Late he has signed a contract with Los Angeles Lakers for $1,789,256. He is the 389 best-paid NBA player of 2022 and was the 186 best-paid NBA player of 2021.

Monk was the 181 best-paid guard in 2022 and the 87 best guards last year. In Lakers is the 14 best-paid players. Check Malik Monk NBA contract.

YearTeamNBA Contract
2017-2018Charlotte Hornets$2,904,480
2018-2019Charlotte Hornets$3,447,480
2019-2020Charlotte Hornets$4,028,400 
2020-2021Charlotte Hornets$5,345,687
2021-2022Los Angeles Lakers$1,789,256
How much is Malik Monk contract with the lakers?

Malik Monk contract with the lakers $1,789,256

How much is Malik Monk Salary?
Malik Monk salary is $1,789,256

How much is Malik Monk net worth?
Malik Monk net worth is $3million

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