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Travis Scott Net Worth

Travis Scott Net Worth

Travis Scott Net Worth: $55 Million

The real name of Travis Scott is Jacques Berman Webster II and he is born in the year 1991. Travis is an American Rapper who has been nominated for Gramm 8 times and also won several awards This ensures that Travis is talented and with this talent, Travis Scott Net Worth is $55 Million.

But have you ever wondered how did he make such a huge net worth? Is Music the only source of Income? To help you with all these questions we will give all the necessary information to clear your don’t on how Travis Scott made a net worth of $55 Million.

Travis Scott Net Worth

If we consider everything that Travis Scott has, then he has a net worth of around $55 Million and above. Stage performance or music is not the only source of his income. Apart from that he also does endorsements and has already invested in business and stocks.

Travis Scott Net Worth in 2022$55 Million
Travis Scott Net Worth in 2021$52 Million
Travis Scott Net Worth in 2020$48 Million
Travis Scott Net Worth in 2019$42 Million
Travis Scott Net Worth in 2018$36 Million
Travis Scott Net Worth in 2017$30 Million

It is said that Travis Scott makes roughly $500k to $800K every month. This is just a fixed income he receives apart from endorsements. Let us, deep-dive, into his earnings.

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Travis Scott Endorsements & Charges

There is more than 1 brand that Travis endorses and some of them are the big names like Nike, McDonald’s, Epic Games, Play Station, and more. For each endorsement, he does he charges a minimum of $1 Million.

Travis Scott House & Its Worth

Apart from singing, real estate is one major interest that is seen in Travis. In fact, he has more than 5 houses in America. The most expensive house is a $14 Million Mansion in Texas.

Apart from that he also owns a house in Houston, Chicago, LA, Las Vegas, and New York. All that cost more than $7 Milion.

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Things people ask about Travis Scott

Name, fame, and money come with a lot of controversies. This controversy comes with a lot of questions. Here we will see what people usually ask about Travis Scott.

What is the height of Travis Scott?

Travis Scott has an average height of 5 feet 8 inches.

Who is Travis Scott Girlfriend?

Travis Scott is in a serious relationship with Kylie Jenner who is among the richest celebrities.

How much Travis Scott makes every month?

Well, there is no fixed income for celebrities like Travis Scoot. But making on average, he makes roughly $800K every month.

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