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Nike Net Worth

nike net worth

Nike Net Worth: The worldwide marketer and seller of footwear, accessories, and apparel have fixed themselves at a steady position in the market with a PE ratio of 38.52 and an all-time high stock closing price of 173.85.

Nike Net Worth

The largest footwear company in the world has a market share of about 28%. The shareholder equity of Nike Inc. was valued at 12.767 billion US dollars. It has various subsidiary companies like Nike IHM Inc, Nike Innovate, Air Max Limited, Nike Trading Co B.V., Nike Pegasus, Nike Converse, and Nike Vision. The estimated net worth of the company was calculated around 229.72 billion US dollars.

Nike Monthly Turn Over

Nike earned a gross profit of around 5.785.655 billion US dollars. While its operating income stood at 1.913 billion US dollars. The company faced a decline in its net income as it generated 1.509 million US dollars by the end of the third quarter of 2021. The quarterly revenue for Nike amounted to 12.344 billion US dollars with an increase of 95.53% year-over-year.

Nike Annual Turnover

The net income for the 2021 fiscal year was assessed as 5.272 billion US dollars by the Nike corporation. Having about 24.973 billion US dollars as its total liabilities, its total assets were valued at 37.740 billion US dollars. The annual turnover of the company was started at around 44.538 billion US dollars with an increase of 19.08% year-over-year. At the same time, it made an annual gross profit amounting to 19.962 billion US dollars.

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