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Mc Donald Net Worth

Mc Donald Net Worth

The worldwide most famous fast-food company, McDonald’s holds the largest food chain restaurant by revenue with around 37,900 outlets spread across 100 countries serving almost 70 million customers every day.

Mc Donald Net Worth

McDonald’s is growing rapidly by bringing and updating its menus about every six months. It has a market share of 22.4% in the fast-food industry. McDonald’s has set up few subsidiaries by the names- McCafe, Dynamic Yield, Apprente Inc., McDonald’s Development Italy Inc., DanBrad Limited, and many more. The estimated net worth of the company stands at 184.03 billion US dollars.

How much is Mc Donald Monthly Turnover?

The world’s second-largest private employer, McDonald’s has about 1.7 million personnel employed at its company. With a PE ratio of 30.01, the quarterly revenue for the company amounted to be about 5.888 billion US dollars by the end of June 2021. It earned a net income of 2.219 billion US dollars, having a year-over-year increase of 358.72%. The gross profit for the third quarter stood at 3.220 billion US dollars.

How much is Mc Donald Annual Turnover?

The American fast-food company, McDonald’s observed an increase of 12.05% year-over-year in its revenue as the annual turnover was estimated at around 21.744 billion US dollars. It yielded a net income of about 6.896 billion US dollars. With a gross profit of 11.573 billion US dollars. While the total assets of the company were valued at 52.627 billion US dollars.

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