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Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth 

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth: $100 Million

Rob Dyrdek is a former skateboarder then an actor and producer. He is known for his reality show called “Rob & Big”, “Ridiculousness” and “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory“. With all of this, have you ever wondered how much is Rob Dyrdek’s Net worth? Well, to help you we are here.

Let us breakdown and understand how much Net worth does Rob Dyrdek has and how did he achieve the net worth he owns now.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth 

Talking about Rob Dyrdek’s net worth, it is said to be around $100 Million. Along with Wee Man, Rob was also seen in Jackass season 3.5. These 2 were the only skateboarder who appeared in Jackass. In Jackass 3.5 he is expected to receive $20,000.

If we talk about his famous show Rob & Big, then he use to get paid $60,000 per episode. He charges a roughly $60,000 to $1,00,000 per episode.

How is Rob Dyrdek’s Business Life?

In the early stage, Ron has an Orion Trucks business, which was serving his purpose. Later he started his own Street League Skateboarding (SLS) which actually got a lot of popularity. Later SLS become an international event and was featured in ESPN with the highest prize money of 1.6 Million in history.

Rob Dyrdek’s Sponsors and Endorsements

One of the biggest sponsors that Rob received was from DC and was for a long-term association from the year 1995 to 2016. All we know is that after the sponsorship with Rob, DC made a profit of $300,000. Also, he had a sponsorship with Silver Trucks which actually helped him in the initial days.

List of Cars Rob Dyrdek Has & Its Worth

Similar to all other superstars, Rob also owns some expensive cars. He has 2007, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, a 2008 Chevrolet Tahoe, a 2007 Campagna T-Rex, and a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

So this is all about Rob Dyrdek’s Net Worth information. If you have some more insights to it, do let us know in the comment below.

Things People Ask About Rob Dyrdek

Rob is definitely popular and rich, which means people will want to know more about Rob Dyrdek.

Who is Rob Dyrdek’s Wife and her name?

Similar to Rob, his wife, “Bryiana Dyrdek” is also a famous entrepreneur.

How much are Rob and Her Wife’s net worth combined?

Rob has a net worth of $100 Million, whereas considering the net worth of both together, I roughly $190 Million.

How many kids fo Rob has and their name?

Rob and his wife Bryiana have given birth to two kids named “Nala Ryan Dyrdek” and “Kodah Dash Dyrdek“.

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