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DJ Khaled Net Worth

DJ Khaled Net Worth

DJ Khaled Net Worth: 80 Million

In the American DJ industry world, Khaled is one of the most famous names. Apart from being a DJ he is also a record executive, and record producer. He started his journey as a radio host in 99 Jamz and form there gained popularity. With all the hard work and struggle, DJ Khaled has made some good net worth and we are going to see the same here.

Apart from being a musician (DJ), he is also a President of “Def Jam South” which is a record label and also a Founder and CEO of “We the Best Music Group“. In the 90’s he was into mixing reggae sound track and that is what made him different form other and give him fame, and money.

DJ Khaled Net Worth

If we look at the current status of DJ Khaled Net Worth, then it is around $80 Million. The journey to reach that level was not so easy for him. There was time when car was his house and how he owns several cars and houses. In fact, now he has a 10-karat diamond ring from Rafaello & Co. which is roughly around $500,000.

DJ Khaled Earning Year Over year

If we talk about Khaled’s earning on the year 2014, then it was roughly around $7 Million and now if we see he earns years $38 Million.

  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2021: $38 million
  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2020: $35 million
  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2019: $39 million
  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2018: $27 million
  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2017: $24 million
  • DJ Khaled Earning in 2016: $15 million

His yearly grown is 3x of the inflation, which will actually not bother the DJ.

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DJ Khaled’s Endorsements & Its Value  

As seen above, Khaled earns around $38 million every year and the major source of revenue is generated from Endorsements. As per the recent updated, DJ Khaled is endorsing the below brands

  • Weight Watchers
  • T-Mobile Ciroc
  • Apple

Form each of the brands, he charges a roughly around $1.2 million to $2 million. Apart form this, he also charged to add a sponsor post on his Social media platform which varies from $700,00 per post to $1 Million Per post. The price will differ as per the brand and his engagement in the same.

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DJ Khaled’s House and It’s Worth

One of the moment for DJ Khaled was purchasing a house and that too of a famous sound writer and signer Robbie Williams. He purchased the house located in Los Angeles, California that is expected to worth $12 Million. In the year 2018, that is a year later purchasing Robbie’s house, he also purchased a house in Miami with waterfront at $25 Million.


Now we know a lot about DJ Khaled’s Net worth and how he owns. But, it is also important for everyone of us to know his journey to make that happen. In the yearly days of his journey, Khaled had helped big starts like Birdman, Mavado and more to give a break. Later, he started following his dreams and starting mixing Reggie songs.

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After a successful radio show, he moved to Miami and co-hosted The Luke Show. But the popularity came to him when he started hosting a weeknight radio show in 99 Jamz.

Year 2006 to 2008 was a very crucial year for him. He released 3 albums Listennn…, We the Best, and We Global. the first album ranked in 12th on the charts and other 2 below 10, which actually got him more listeners and popularity.

After gaining popularity, his major 2 hit albums were Major Key and Grateful which was in the top 1.

So, this is overall that you need to know about DJ Khaled and his net worth. If you wish to know more or have more information, then you can let us know in the comment below.

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