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Wipro 2021-22 Q3 Profit Released – At Rs 2,970 crore Profit

Wipro Net Worth

Wipro one of the IT giants has released its Q3 report on 12 Jan 2022. As per the report, Wipro’s profit for Q3 2021-22 is Rs 2,970 Cr and revenue at Rs 20,432.3 Cr. If we consider the Q3 of 2021-22 then it was measured Rs 2, 963. But, if we consider the overall revenue then this year with Rs 20k Cr Wipro has made more, which last year same quarter was Rs 19, 667 Cr.

CEO and Director Thierry Delaporte said is one of his interviews “Wipro has delivered a fifth consecutive quarter of strong performance, both on revenues, and margins. Order bookings have been strong too, and we have added seven new customers in the more than $100 mn revenue league, in the last 12 months.

Some of the steps taken by Wipro like increasing employees’ salary have resulted in improving the operations cash flow increased to 10% net income.

Whereas, Wipro also confirms that in Q4, they are expecting the IT business to be around $2.749 Million. Not only that, but we might see some strategic changes to be made by Wipro in the coming year in IT and automating their operations which will indirectly improve the business growth.

On the other hand, TCS is not behind, they are a higher profit margin than Wipro that is Rs 9,769 crore in Q3. So, what do you think on Wipro do let us know in the comment below?

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