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Another $122.6 Million Donation By MacKenzie Scott

Big Brothers Big Sisters

One of the riched women globally and known for her charities, MacKenzie Scott does it again. In a recent report by WSJ, MacKenzie Scott has donated around $122 Million to Big Brothers Big Sisters a Nonprofit organic.

According to the NGO, this was one of the biggest donations made by any individual to them. She has made a total of $18 Billion in donations since her divorce with Jeff Bezos. if we look at all her list of donations, then till now she has given donations to more than 800 organizations.

If we look back and see how did all this happen, then it was in May 2019, when she signed the Giving Pledge. With this, all the people gave away most of her wealth to the charity. Since 2019 there is no stopping it.

Let’s See a list of the charities done by MacKenzie Scott till now.

  • July 2020: donated $1.7 billion to 116 NGOs
    • NGO Like Racial equality, LGBTQ+ equality, democracy, and climate change
  • December 2020: Donated around $14 Billion to 384 NGO
  • Jube 2021: She donated around $4 Billion to 286new NGOs

Apart from the pointers above, she made more donations. So, what do you think about her donations? Do share with us your thought on this.

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