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Microsoft Net Worth

Microsoft Net Worth

Microsoft is the multinational company appended as one of the Big Five companies in the information technology sector with Apple, Google, Facebook, and Amazon. It is pronounced the world’s largest software maker. Let’s see Microsoft’s Net Worth and identify how big is the company as compared to its competitors.

Microsoft Net Worth

With total equity amounting to 118.3 billion dollars, Microsoft finally entered a trillion-dollar club with its net worth valued at around 2.1 trillion US dollars as of September 2021, making the company the second in the world to do so. As the company deals in lots of technology-oriented products and services, Microsoft is earning customer trust day by day thereby increasing the market value of the organization.

Microsoft Monthly Turnover / Income / Profit

Microsoft develops and produces consumer electronics, computer hardware, video games and engages in software development, cloud computing, and social networking services. The company has 345 million active monthly users across 200,000 organizations on their Microsoft Azure that brought a 50% increase in the company’s revenue this quarter. Microsoft’s fiscal report states the company’s monthly turnover to be somewhat around 10.42 billion US dollars.

Microsoft Yearly Turnover / Income / Profit

It is said that Microsoft’s revenue increases by 18% every year. Microsoft holds the highest record for peaking the global revenue. The company’s annual report informed that Microsoft has received a monthly turnover estimated at 168.09 billion US dollars by the end of the recent quarter of 2021. Its net income is observed to have increased by 47% amounting to over 61.27 billion US dollars compared with the previous year and operating income of around 71 billion US dollars.

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