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JP Morgan Net Worth

JP Morgan Net Worth

JP Morgan Chase & co. Is a global investment bank that provides financial services and is incorporated in Delaware. It was noted as the fourth largest bank in terms of its total assets. Hence, we are here to let you know about JP Morgan Net Worth in detail.

JP Morgan Net Worth

JPMorgan Chase and co. provides all kinds of banking services that include commercial banking, investment banking, and consumer banking. Known as the largest bank in terms of assets amounting to 3.386 billion US dollars and having equity of 279.35 billion US dollars, the net worth of JPMorgan Chase stands at 476.58 billion US dollars as of September 2021.

JP Morgan Monthly Turnover / Profit / Income

JPMorgan Chase also engages itself in the management of assets for various companies, institutions, corporations, governments, and even individuals which are responsible for pitching in a certain amount to the total revenue of the company. JPMorgan earned a net income of around 3.8 billion US dollars from the monthly turnover of the company that is estimated to be about 10.3 billion US dollars in the year 2021.

JP Morgan Yearly Turnover / Profit / Income

JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States and is also included in the Bulge Bracket Banks of the word. The company collects its revenue from dealings in equities trading, mortgage loans, insurance, risk management, asset management, investment management, private equity, and many more. However, its Consumer & Community Banking segment serves as the colossal source of revenue for the company. JPMorgan Chase received an annual turnover of around 126.641 billion US dollars for the twelve months ending on June 30, 2021.

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