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Goran Dragic Net Worth

Goran Drogic Net Worth- NBA Wages, Earnings & More

Goran Dragic Net Worth: $90 million

Goran Dragic is a Slovenian Professional Basketball player who plays for Brooklyn Nets in NBA. Before entering to NBA he played basketball for Slovenian and Spain in 2008. In NBA Dragic has played for Phoenix Suns, Houston Rockets, and Toronto Raptors. He was the NBA third tea, selection and the more enhanced player with Phoenix Suns in 2014. IN 2018, he has named an NBA all-star with Miami. Also, in 2017, he led his Slovenian national Team, or FIBA Eurobasket and where he was the Most Valuable Player of the Tournament. Know more about Goran Drogic Net worth, wages, earnings & more

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Goran Dragic Net Worth

Goran Dragic has made million through NBA contracts and he has lucrative deals with the NBA teams. Dragic majority income comes from NBA but he earns from other various sources too.

Dragic is playing in NBA since 2008-2009 due to his long-term presence in the game his net worth has increased over time. Goran Dragic net worth is $90 million

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Goran Dragic Wages/Salary

Goran has re-signed with Miami Heat where he has re-signed a one-year contract for $18,000,000 which includes a team option for the subsequent year. From he has been playing for 12 years, his salary has augmented each year. Chek down Goran Dragic wages/salary each year.

2008-2009Phoenix Suns$1,700,000
2009-2010Phoenix Suns$1,836,000 
2010-2011Houston Rockets$1,972,000
2011-2012Houston Rockets$2,108,000
2012-2013Phoenix Suns$7,500,000
2013-2014Phoenix Suns$7,500,000
2014-2015Miami Heat$7,500,000
2015-2016Miami Heat$14,783,000
2016-2017Miami Heat$15,891,725
2017-2018Miami Heat$17,000,450
2018-2019Miami Heat$18,109,175
2019-2020Miami Heat$19,217,900
2020-2021Miami Heat$18,000,000

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Goran Dragic Brand Endorsements

Goran has made a deal with the shoe brand Nike in the road he has stitched between sneaker brands. Now, he supports Adidas kicks but the veteran wears Hardens’ signature shoes.

How much is Goran Dragic’s net worth?

Goran Dragic net worth is $90 million

How much is Goran’s contract?

Goran Dragic contract is $18,000,000 with Miami heat

Who is Groan Drogic’s brother?

Groan Drogic’s brother’s name is Zoran Dragic.

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