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Goldman Sachs Net Worth

goldman sachs net worth

Goldman Sachs Net Worth: Originally called The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is the leading financial services provider with a PE ratio of 7.03 and an all-time high stock closing price at 384.89.

Goldman Sachs Net Worth

Goldman Sachs holds a market share of 31.21% in the trading and investment segment, 10.88% in investment banking, 98.83% in I.B Financial Advisory, 12.04% in Institutional Client Advisory, and 79.03% in I.L Debt Securities. Goldman Sachs owns major shares of Travelodge UK, Tienda Inglesa, B&B Hotels, Boyd Corporation, Innova Capital, Genesis Capital LCC, and Folio Financial. The net worth of Goldman Sachs is valued at 131.3 billion US dollars.

Goldman Sachs Monthly Turnover

The value of Goldman Sachs shareholder equity stands at 95,932 million US dollars. Goldman Sachs Incorporation’s quarterly revenue for June of 2021 was 15.388 billion US dollars with an increase of 15.74%. It also received an increase in its net income totaling 5.347 billion US dollars. While its gross profit amounted to 15.388 billion US dollars, 15.74% increase year-over-year. With an operating income of around 6.840 billion US dollars.

Goldman Sachs Annual Turn Over

Goldman Sachs makes about 11.53% of its revenue from asset management, 6.56% from total investment banking, 5.43% from Investing & lending, and 26.05% from institutional client services. The banking firm generated a net income of 5.347 billion US dollars. From the annual turnover of about 55.614 billion US dollars. With its total assets being valued at 1.39 trillion US dollars. And total liabilities being at 1.29 trillion US dollars.

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