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Adobe Net Worth

adobe net worth

Initially named Adobe Systems Incorporation is a global computer software company with an all-time high stock price of 667.59 as of September 03, 2021.

Adobe Net Worth

Adobe Incorporation was reported as the World’s largest cloud software provider with a 9% market about two years ago. But recently this percentage rose and currently, Adobe covers almost 10% of the market share. Adobe owns a few other stock photography and software companies. Mixamo, Fotolia, Marketo, Offermatica, X.commerce, TubeMogul, Allegorithmi, Scene7, and Sayspring are some of its subsidiaries. The company holds a net worth of around 275.73 billion US dollars.

Adobe Monthly Turnover

The multinational software company has a PE ratio of 56.35 in September 2021. The company experienced an increase of 18.42% year-over-year in its assets by the end of June 2021 as the total assets amounted to 25.852 billion US dollars. Adobe Inc., quarterly revenue for June of 2021 was 3.935 billion US dollars with an increase of 22.02%. It also received a rise of 26.91% year-over-year with a net income totaling 1.21 billion US dollars.

Adobe Annual Turnover

Adobe has observed a hike of 51.23% in its net income and a 21.41% increase in its revenue year-over-year. The gross profit of the company was calculated to be 13.313 billion US dollars. While its total liabilities are standing at the amount of about 11.730 billion US dollars. It enjoyed an annual turnover of around 15.099 billion USD. The company generated an operating income of around 5.516 billion US dollars.

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