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Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth

Casey Neistat Net Worth : $22 Million ( Approx)

Casey Owen Neistat is an American Youtube Personality, Filmmaker, Vlogger from New York City and he is also a Co-Founder of the Multimedia Company Beme. In 2018, he founded 386, a place for creators to come together. Neistat started his career in 2001 with his brother Tom, by making a series of films. He gained his first international exposure two years later when he released iPod’s Dirty Secret, which went viral. 

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Casey Neistat Personal Life and Net Worth

Casey Neistat lives in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, United States. He has a wife Candice Pool and 3 children with her, Owen, Francine and Georgie. Casey Neistat has been active on Youtube since 2010 and still going on strong. He has won 3 Creator Awards also.

Silver Award100,000 Subscribers2013
Gold Award1,000,000 Subscribers2015
Platinum Award10,000,000 Subscribers2018

How much money does Casey Neistat earn from his You Tube Channels ?

Casey Neistat YouTube channel has over 13 million subscribers growing by 5,000 new subs daily and has amassed over 3 billion views since 2010. In a day the channel gets around 250,000 views across the different videos cumulatively. This will lead to estimated earnings of around $2,000 per day or around $730,000 a year from advertising before taxes and expenses.

Casey earns extra income outside YouTube through his company Beme a social media company. He sold this company to CNN for a reported amount of $25 million and gets to work with CNN on other projects. He is also an actor and has appeared in shows like Nerve and tv series The Neistat Brothers. As a director, he has directed television commercials from clients like Samsung, Nike, Inc, Google, Finn Jewelry, J.Crew and Mercedes Benz.

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Founded on 8th July 2015, Neistat announced with Matt Hackett that he will be working on building a video-sharing app called Beme. On November 28, 2016, CNN announced that it would acquire the Beme company, reportedly for US$25 million.

What do people ask about Casey Neistat ?

What is the Casey Neistat’s Net Worth?

Casey’s net Worth is of Approx $22 Million

What is Casey Neistat’s Age ?

Casey’s Age is 41 Years. He was born on 25th March, 1981.

Where was Neistat born ?

Casey was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, United States.

How Many Children does Casey Have ?

Casey has 3 Children – Owen, Francine and Georgie. Owen is his first born with his then girlfriend Robin Harris.

How many subscribers does Casey have on Youtube ?

As of April 2022, Casey has 12.4 Million Subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

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