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Who Are The Richest Family In The World? The Wealthiest Families List

A lot of you might have definitely wondered after seeing a supercar or bike, “I wish I could have owned this”. Also, you might wish to have the most expensive house in the world. Well, most of them already have and they might envy or wish more. On the other hand, some have even more and they rarely bother to know that because they already are the richest. Hence, we are here to cover and let you know not any individual, but the richest and wealthiest family in the world.

The richest family that we going to mention below are those who are richer in terms of money, popularity, and business. Now, let’s dig into the list of families who has the maximum wealth.

List Of Richest Family In the World

Check below the list of the richest families as per the net worth they have. Please note, this might change when a new family is added to the rich list.

1. The Walton Family

The Walton Family

Family Name: Walton Net Worth: $244.2bn Location: Bentonville, Arkansas

For those who don’t know about Walton’s Family, then you can relate them to Walmart. Yes, you are right, they are the sole owner of the world’s largest retail outlet. Walton Family’s net worth is $238.2 Billion, which makes them the richest family in the world. Each member of the Walton Family has a minimum of $60 Billion net worth that makes every individual top 20 richest men in the world.

Apart from the known Walmart, the family also owns a known company called Sam’s Club. Walmart alone has more than 10,000 stores around the globe and all of them are in profit.

2. Mars Family

Mars Family

Family Name: Mars Net Worth: $126 bn Location:  Minneapolis

The Mars Family is an American family who owns companies like Mars Incorporated and
Signal Oil. Their main company, Mars INC earns a minimum of US$37 billion in revenue and has 130,000 employees working for them. Currently, the company is been ran by the 4th generation kids.

In the 2020 report, it was claimed that the family owns $126 billion making them the richest family.

3. The Koch Family


Family Name: Koch Net Worth: $124.5 bn Location:  Minneapolis


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