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Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

Mackenzie Scott Net Worth

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth: $52 Billion

A novelist, philanthropist, and activist, MacKenzie Scott is one of the known personalities from America. She, in fact, comes under the top 50 Billionaires list. MacKenzie is an ex-wife of known billionaire, Jeff Bezos, for those who don’t know. As of today, MacKenzie Scott’s net worth is $52 Billion. She could have had more, but there was around a 15% drop seen in her net worth and business as compared to 2022.

One of the most significant assets she has is 4% of Amazon shares. Considering 4% of amazon stock itself is around $35 Billion. Including this, there are many things that you need to know about her worth.

MacKenzie Scott Net Worth

As said earlier above, Mackenzie Scott’s net worth is around $52 Billion. Out of which $35 Billion is from 4% of Amazone shares. In the year 2020, MacKenzie became the richest woman, when the price of Amazon went to $3300/share. But being the richest woman was not for a long time. The same day, the stick was back down making Francoise Bettencourt the richest woman again.

Net Worth$53 Billion
Annual Incom & Salary$10 Billion
Monthly Incom & Salary$896 Million
Money FactorsNovelist, Philanthropist

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MacKenzie Scott Charity

Charity is one thing that you see her doing always. In the year 2020, she donated $6 Billion to a charity. In one of her regular blogs in medium, Mackenzi announced that she has donated $1.7 Billion to more than 116 NGOs. In the later same year, the number increased to 320 NGO and donations of $4 Billion.

Not only that, Forbs also announced that she had made around 9 Billion donations in just 1 year time to 780+ NGOs. That is how she is known as a philanthropist.

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Things people ask about MacKenzie Scott

Being a huge name and richest, there are many rumors spread about MacKenzie Scott. Hence, we are here to give answers to those rumors. If you have any such questions, you can ask in the comment below.

Whom is Mackenzie Scott married to?

Before 2020, Mackenzie was married to one of the richest men, Jeff Bezos. Now she is married to Dan Jewett.

How many kids does MacKenzie Scott have?

MacKenzie Scott has a total of 3 kids and 1 is adapted from China. Check the image below of her kids. MacKenzie Scott Kids

Is MacKenzie Scott also the founder of Amazon?

Yes, Jeff and MacKenzie both started the company os the year 1994. Jeff is the founder and MacKenzie is the co-founder member.

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