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Myntra Net Worth

Myntra Net Worth

Myntra Net Worth: Myntra is deemed to be India’s biggest and most popular online clothing store which provides multiple brands with varieties and all at reasonable prices. In fact, this is one of the known brands among people in fashion. Hence, we have got you more information on Myntra Net Worth, their monthly and yearly profits.

Myntra Net Worth

The country’s top fashion e-commerce company has a net worth of the order of 48 million dollars more or less. As the exact figure wasn’t disclosed by the company. However, it can be observed that Myntra’s net worth has decreased as compared to 70 million dollars valued in the previous year because of certain lawsuits that the company faced due to issues raised on its logo design. Nevertheless, the company seems to recover from the minor stain and soon may acquire more net worth in the next few years.

Myntra Monthly Net Worth

Myntra has a Youtube channel with nearly 9 lakh subscribers receiving 169.21 million views a month, chipping in about $676.86 thousand dollars in Myntra’s total revenue in a month. Although the company faced a fall of 80% in their revenue a few years back. But after Walmart acquired Myntra through its parent company Flipkart, the fashion store experienced a jump in revenue in the latest years. With approx Rs. 30 lakh orders a month making them do a business of around Rs. 3 billion in Indian.

Myntra Yearly Net Worth

Even after bearing huge losses in the past years, Myntra is able to manage its standpoint in the e-commerce market through various digital promotion schemes. With the support of investments from various sources, the company gets by with financial stability while earning about $10.15 million from Youtube and $18.28 million from advertising and promotion, both add up to a quite good amount in the total revenue of the company. The company was expected to have an annual turnover of about Rs. 17.23 billion.

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