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Uber Net Worth

Uber Net Worth

Having an all-time stock closing price at 63.18, Uber Technologies is the most popular ride-hailing company which also deals in food and package delivery, couriers, and freight transportation.

Uber Net Worth

Uber serves as the kingpin in the industry with a market share of about 38%. Today the net worth of Uber is estimated to be around 85.7 billion US Dollars in the year 2021. Uber also has some subsidiary companies functioning under its name as Careem, Jump, Uber Eats, Cornershop, Zomato, and Postmates. The company has a PE ratio of 0.00 as of September 2021. It had 7.798 billion as its long-term debt at the end of the third quarter of 2021 with an increase of 16.54% year-over-year.

How Much Is Uber’s Monthly Turnover?

Uber Technologies has observed an 85.04% of steady growth in its gross profit and a year-on-year jump in its revenue with an increase of 105.38%. The company’s quarterly revenue for June of 2021 is 3.929 billion US dollars. Uber earned a net income of 1.144 billion US dollars by the end of June 2021 suffering a year-on-year decline of 164.45%.

How Much is Ubers Annual Turnover?

Uber Technologies has total assets amounting to 36.251 billion US dollars with an increase of 28.37%. While its total liabilities also experienced an increase of 22.64% that amounts to 22.076 billion US dollars. With an annual turnover of around 12.810 billion US dollars, the company did well this year as compared to the previous years where its annual revenue stood at 10.433 billion US dollars in 2018. But unfortunately, the company suffered a decline of 85.35% in its net income which figured to be -1.021 billion US dollars.

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