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Marc Anthony Net Worth

Marc Anthony Net Worth, Income, house

Marc Anthony Net Worth: $90 Million

Born in New York City, in the year 1969, Marc Anthony is a singer, song writer and also an actor from America. Not only that but he is also one of the top selling tropical salsa artists of all time. Also, he has sold more than a 12 Million albums till now and have won awards like Grammy Award (3 Time) and Latin Grammy Award (6 times). Looking at Marc Anthony’s net worth, it is around $85 Million.

If we have a look at his journey, it was not a easy win for him. Also to come in the list of top paid musicians, he had to be very good at it. All the money he makes is from music and endorsements. To know what all he owns, let keep reading this.

Marc Anthony Net Worth

As said earlier, Marc Anthony net worth as of today is $85 Million. Majority of this money is from his music shows and all the albums he has sold. Apart from that he also owns some luxurious houses, one of which is around $5 Million. Also, he owns some luxurious cars too.

He gained popularity after it was reviled that he was dating Jennifer Lopez. The $5 Million prosperity that we are talking about is owned by the couple in New York.

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Marc Anthony Ventures

Apart form Music, Marc has invested in a lot of Ventures. In the year 2012, he invested in Maestro Cares Foundation along with Henry Cardenas. This foundation did a lot of work some of which is opening an orphanage in cities like Dominican Republic, La Romana and more.

Not only that, in the year 2014, the foundation opened a school and a youth home in Barranquilla, and Colombia. Later he also become a the majority owner in the Football team, Miami Dolphins. A few year later he also become the founder member of a known media house, Magnus Media.

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Marc Anthony House & Its Worth

It is very clear that Marc Anthony is a smart investor. House is something that is a huge investment and Marc has made some great investment there too. In the year 2018, Marc purchased a $25 Million worth mansion at $18 Million by Hilda Maria Bacardi. 2 years later, Marc sold the same house for $27 Million with a huge profit margin. Apart from that, he also sold his old property in Tarzana at $4.12 Million.

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Things People Ask About Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony is a known and popular celebrity and there are numerous rumours about him. Hence, we are here to help you clear your doubts. If you have anything to ask, feel free to ask in the comment below.

Who is Marc Anthony Girlfriend?

Currently Nadia Ferreira is Marc Anthony’s girlfriend. Earlier to that he was dating a popular singer Jennifer Lopez.

How many kids does Marc Anthony has?

Marc has gone through several marriages and on every marriage is has at least 2 kids. He has in total 6 kids named: Emme, Max, Cristian, Ryan, Ariana, and Chase.

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