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Kelly Osbourne Net Worth

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth: $18 Million

With the name Osbourne, Ozzy is one great musician you will remember. Whereas, Kelly Osbourne is the daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne. She was born on born 27 October 1984 and is now a known singer, Actor, and Fashion designer. She already has hearted few million $ from Ozzy, but if we talk about Kelly Osbourne’s Net Worth alone is around $18 Million.

With $18 Million of the Net worth of her own, she is the riched amount of her siblings. Apart from being a rich celeb kid, she planned to find her own path and was seen as a TV host, singer, and more. Now, she is a known celebrity and charges for every endorsement. Hence, we are here to check more about Kelly Osbourne.

Kelly Osbourne Net Worth

Before Kelly Osbourne could make $18 Million net worth of her own, she has gone through a lot of stuff that everyone will go through. It was never like a star kid to get a VIP entry to become a celebrity.

She was first seen on her father’s show “the Osbourne’s”. From that show, she got recognized until then everyone was unaware of the facts. After several auditions, she got starter her TV Host job in 2004 on ABC which was known as “Life as Know It:”. After that, we saw her singing and also acting in several movies.

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Kelly Osbourne Properities

Apart from her father’s huge mansion, Kelly also owns a few properties in the USA. in the year 2004, she bought a $4 Million Condo with a 2,400 Sq Ft area. That Condo was later rented for $20,000.

After 14 years there was news that she bought a house by the famous actress, Rooney Mara in Los Feliz worth $3.4 Million.

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Earning of Kelly Osbourne As A TV Host

There are many TV shows that Kelly has hosted and for each host, she was expected to get paid $30,000 to $50,000 per season in her initial years. Later she got famous the demand increased and made it to $100k / season.

She was also seen hosting MTV awards and is expected to get around $500k from that event.

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Earning of Kelly Osbourne As An Actor

TV host and music was not the only thing that Kelly Osbourne was getting paid. In fact, she was also a good actress. She was seen in many series and one of our best was “Life as we know it, which was her debut.

When she got quite popular, she was seen on a TV series, “The masked Girl, which was getting $200K per episode.

Before she was known, she started a talk show, “The American Life”. Form this particular show, it is excepted that she was getting $70,000 per week.

Things people ask about Kelly Osbourne

Being a celeb child and also being famous, there are many things that people usually ask about her. Hence we are here with a list of those questions and the right answer.

Who is Kelly Osbourne Engaged to?

Kelly Osbourne is engaged to Matthew Mosshart who is a chef and both of them met in the year 2013 at Kate Moss and Jamie Hince’s wedding.

How much does Kelly Osbourne charge per episode?

Kelly Osbourne is a known personality and all of her shows are hit. As per the recent update and what people usually talk about, Kelly Osbourne charges roughly $500k/ episode.

How many followers are there on Kelly Osbourne’s Instagram?

Being so popular on TV, Kelly is also popular on Social media. On er Instagram account she has roughly 2.4 Millon followers.

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