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Logan Paul Is Not Having A Good Financial Months

Logan Paul Net Worth

It looks like Logan Paul is going through a tough time this week when it comes to his financials. In the last month of December, Logan had paid $3.5 million for the Pokemon card booster boxes. Well, if you ask me, I would not even have bought a Pokemon card worth $10, but Logan’s interest in Pokemon has given him a loss of $3.5 Million. In fact, it would not been have a loss for him, if the Pokemon card was original.

In fact, the fake Pokemon card was confirmed by the official site PokeBeach. They clearly said after an investigation that whatsoever Logan has purchased is fake.

Well, that is not the only financial loss he has to go through. He had a match with Floyd Mayweather on Thursday at the June boxing match. After his victory, Logan was supposed to be get paid $250K & 10% of PPV  profits. if we only consider the 10% of the PPV profit, then logan should have got paid $5.25 million, but Logan claimed that he did not get paid as per what is committed.

Now, it really looks bad for Logan to lose such huge money. What would you have done if you could have lost so much money in just 1 month? Let us know your thoughts in the comment below.

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