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Chamillionaire Net Worth

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Chamillionaire Net Worth $60 Million

Hakeem Temidayo Seriki is a famous rapper who’s stage name is Chamillionaire. He started his solo career from the year 2002, but a year before that he was a founded member of The Color Changin Click. As of today Chamillionaire Net Worth is around $60 Million and all that money he had made through his music career and endorsements. Let us look at things he has in his net worth.

Before we get into Chamillionaire net worth, let us see more into his life. He started his solo rap career in the year 2002 with a collab album Get Ya Mind Correct with Paul Wall. This in fact was the debut for both of them. Also his album The Source was nominated as the independent album of the year in 2002. Later he started his own record house as Chamillitary Entertainment which on 2005 released The Sound of Revenge album with Universal Records.

Apart from rap he also had some great business sense. He company Maker Studios with Mark Suster but later the company was sold to The Walt Disney Company for $500 Million where Chamillionaire got $20 Million as per sources. Not let us see more into Chamillionaire Net Worth.

Chamillionaire Net Worth

As said earlier, Chamillionaire net worth is $60 Million. He make majority of his money form music and other businesses and endorsements that he does. In the $60 Million we have calculated his house, business and other investments. Apart form the earning form Maker Studio Chamillionaire also invested in Lyft which is a competitor for Uber.

Chamillionaire House

In real estate business Chamillionaire do not have a great hands. We all know about one of his cases where he Foreclosed on one of his mansion that worth $2.5 Million. According to him the mansion that he owned was not worth of investing. Currently he lives in the NY house worth around $1.2 Million.

Chamillionaire Businesses and Investment

One thing apart from music that Chamillionaire is good at is Business and investments. In the year 2004, he started his own record label named, Chamillitary Entertainment. He initially signed artist like Lil Ken and Troy Henry late more were introduced. Later the company was distributed by Universal Records.

One of his known investments that he made was in the year 2003 in a company called Fly Rydes which is a auto dealer. That was not all, he also founded a model company named, Masterpiece Mind Frame. One of the big deal that everyone knows about was with Disney where he received roughly $20 Million.

He majority of investment apart form music is in auto mobile and also in tech companies. On that itself he has earned more than a $10 Millions every year.

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