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Britania Net Worth

Britannia Net Worth

Britannia Net Worth: With a market capitalization of 946.83, Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food and beverage company leading in the FMCG sector. The company scored a net income of 4.65 billion Indian rupees for the 2021 fiscal year.

Britannia Net Worth

Britannia has nearly 31.8% of the market share in India. Today the market value of Britannia is 987.95 billion Indian rupees in the year 2021. Britannia has a record of net worth around 42.74 billion Indian rupees in the last year which has been a considerable increase in the company’s worth in recent years. But, unfortunately in the fiscal year of 2021, Britannia suffered a decrease in its net worth as it amounted to 33.19 billion Indian rupees.

Britannia Monthly Turnover / Profits & Loss

With over 13 factories at more than 100 locations, the company engages in vast production and supply management. Britannia also has some subsidiary products under Good Day, Tiger, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, and Marie Gold. The company’s quarterly revenue for June of 2021 is 34.03 billion Indian rupees with a rise of 8.45% in total income growth. Britannia earned around 3.9 billion Indian rupees under profit after tax.

Britannia Annual Turnover / Profits & Loss

Britannia Limited has observed a 28.40% fall in its net profit and a year-on-year jump in its total income with an increase of 32.45% since a few years back. The Total Assets of the company are 51.16 billion Indian rupees. With its total liabilities amounting to 51.16 billion Indian rupees. Britannia has an equity of about 0.24 billion Indian rupees. The annual income of the company stood at 33.88 billion Indian rupees at the end of the financial year 2021. Britannia Limited made an annual turnover of around 123.78 billion Indian rupees.

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