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Zayn Malik Net Worth

Zayn Malik Net Worth

Zayn Malik Net Worth: $67 Million

All of us might have heard at least 1 song of One Direction and if you are a fan of the band, then you might also like Zayn Malik. He is a 1993 born young and talented singer who got fame after coming to a reality show The X Factor. After getting elemental he got an opportunity and started a boy band named “One Direction. If you talk about now, then he has gathered a lot of fame and money and Zayn Malik’s Net Worth is $67 Million.

Well, how did Zayn Malik have so much of money? If you thinking about the same, then let us see how Zayn Malik become so reach and what he charges per show, endorsements and more. Also, we will see what are other assets that Zayn malik has.

Zayn Malik Net Worth

The overall net worth of Zayn Malik as of today is $67 Million. This net worth includes ever assets he has. In a month Zayn Malik earns around $6 Million to $7 Million. Apart from that he also owns a house in England that is worth $10 Million.

Zayn Malik Net Worth$67 Million
Monthly Income$6 Million to $7 Million
Per Show Charges$800k to $1 Million

Zayn was the first members of the band One Direction which was signed by Syco Records. After joining the band his life completely got changed. In fact, later he planned to split and planned to make his solo albums, which are hits. After all that fame, money and endorsement did came to him and he made a huge money. Let see how.

Zayn Malik Monthly Wage/ Salary

Every month Zayn Malik makes roughly around $6 Million to $7 Million. If in any month he gets a show or new endorsement then he crossed a monthly earning of $10 Million.

How Much Zayn Malik Makes From Music?

Per stage show Zayn charges around $800k. There were times during One Direction that their shows use to be houseful. At one of the concerts, the band made around $290 Million. In the year 2013, Zayn band made around $75 Million becoming the 2nd richest band at the age below 30.

How Much Does Zayn Malik Charges per Endorsements?

Zayn Malik is majorly seen promoting a lifestyle brand. One of his major deal crackers was the Versace where is said that he charged $1 Million to be the face. Apart from that, he is quite active on Social Media and he charged around $300K per Social media post/story.

Zayn Malik House

Zayn has a luxurious house in Lower Manhattan with 3700 Sq Feet are. The price of that house is $10.7 Million.

People Also Ask

How Many Girlfriends Did Zayn Malik Had?

Zayn Malik had been in a relationship more than 7 times. His girlfriends are Gigi Hadid, Neelam Gill, Carlyn Bryan, Perrie Edwards, Stephanie Davis, Rebecca Ferguson, and Geneva Lane.

Who is Zayn Malik Recent Girlfriend?

It is said that Gigi Hadid is the most recent girlfriend of Zayn Malik.

What is the real age of Zayn Malik?

As Zayn Malik was born in January 1993, he is 29 right now.

How many Sisters Does Zayn Malik Have?

Zayn Malik has 3 sisters named Safaa Malik, Doniya Malik, and Waliyha Malik.

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