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Wee Man Net Worth

Wee Man Net Worth

Wee Man Net Worth: $11 Million

We all might have the TV show name “Jack Ass“. Also, you might remember the name Wee Man who is one of the lead person from the Jack Add crew. Wee Man has a Net Worth of $11 Million and all that he has earned from TV Shows and also from skateboarding. Earlier to taking popularity form the TV show mentioned above, he was a professional Skateboarder.

In the last few years, Wee Man has really got some name for him in the entertainment industry and hence got more offers that is adding up, to his Net Worth and here we are going to see how Wee Man made a Net Worth of $11 Million.

Wee Man Net Worth

As per the sources and other channels online, Wee Man’s Net worth is $11 Million. He earned all this money form TV shows. Skateboarding passion gave him some limelight. For the famous show, Jack Ass he was paid a roughly $50,000.

Apart form that he also charges $700 per stunts on his skate board. Whereas, he has also made a lot of money form all 16 movies he has worked in.

Other source of Income for Wee Man

Apart from movies and skate boarding, Wee Man also is a voice over artist. He changes minimum $76,297 per movie he gives voice over too. In the year 2010, he owned Chronic Tacos  Franchise in his home town later closed the franchise and started his own food chain business.

How much does Wee Man Makes from Social Media?

Not only TV’s, Wee Man is also a known influencer and has great presence online. He has millions of subscribers combined all his Social Media Platform. For each sponsor post he charges $20,000 to $30,000.


Wee Man started his career as a Subscription manager with skateboard magazine named “Big Brother“. Later in the year 2000, he got into the TV Show Jack Ass, form where is entire journey changed.

7 years later, Wee started working on a another TV show called Armed and Famous and same year he also hosted a TV Show called Scarred Live.

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