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Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth


Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth: $21 Million

Do you know who “The Californian Princess” is? If not, then in the early 2000, Vanessa Hudgens was called “The California Princess” by one of the magazine. She is a known actresses and also a singer form America. She actually got a lot of attention form High School Musical film series (2006 to 2008). She in fact, made her theatrics debut in the year 2013 with movie “Thirteen” which made $10 Million worldwide. Right now, Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth is $21 Million.

Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth $21 Million
Per Movie Cost $800,000
Date Of Birth December 14, 1988
Occupation Actress and Singer

To achieve such huge amount in Net Worth, Hudgens had to go through the tough time. Hence, we will cover everything you need to know about Vanessa Hudgen’s journey to make a net worth of $21 Million.

Vanessa Hudgens Net Worth

As said above, Vanessa Hudgen’s Net worth is $21 Million. She started her journey into acting at a very young age. But she actually got her popularity in 2006 after working in the High School Musical. She is now quite popular and make a good fortune from movies, singing, and also endorsing lot of other brands.

If we talk yearly income, Hudgens makes around $3.5 Million to $4 Million. Currently she is charging around $800,000 per movie. Out of all, she also owns a $3.5 million house in LA which is included in her net worth. Let see more about what all she has an its net worth

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Vanessa Hudgens House

If we talk about Vanessa Hudgens house, then there are more to talk. She has bought and sold a lot of houses. In the year 2008, Vanessa bough a house in California at $2.7 million. Later in the year 2019, she put that for sale at $3.5 Million. This is not all, she also owns a Condo worth $1 Million in Brooklyn.

A year before that she already took a new house at LA which was sold to Vanessa by Gary Oldman a famous actor at $4.9 Million. Later she again sold the same LA house at $6.7 Million. It looks like Vanessa has an amazing real-estate skills to make money.

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Vanessa Hudgens Business

Apart form real-estate skills, Vanessa also has some good business sense. In the year 2014, along with Madison Beer, Vanessa opened a brand named Know Beauty. This brand has a unique concept where you have to go through a DNA testing to identify best product for your skin.

In the year 2021, she was also announced as a spokesperson for brand name Fabletics. Only form her business Vanessa makes around $1 million to $1.5 million every month.

Her Journey

For Vanessa working on various TV shows did not have a great popularity. Still, it was the invaluable experience, which has come in handy later. Visiting acting classes, Vanessa patiently waited for a new chance. And she got it soon. In 2003, the fifteen-year-actress got the role of the schoolgirl Noel in the dramatic film “Thirteen”, telling about the critical stage in the teenagers` lives. The critics` respond to it was ambiguous, because the film raised the topics of teenage alcoholism, drug abuse and sexuality. However, that very fact contributed to the success of the film.

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In 2006, the actress signed a fruitful contract with the company “Old Navy”; consequently, she became its spokesmodel, having performed in several commercials. Vanessa Hudgens worked on several teenage films. Her most notable works of this period were the films “Bandslam” and “Beastly”. For her working on the films, the actress earned the fees of $ 2-5 million.


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