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Reliance Industries Net Worth

Reliance Industry Net Worth

Reliance Industries Net Worth: Reliance Industries is one of the most renowned international Indian conglomerates based in Mumbai. The organization deals in a wide range of businesses covering everything from telecommunications to textiles and petrochemicals. This company is owned by Mukesh Ambani and here we will see detail on the companies Net Worth.

Reliance Industries Net Worth

Reliance Industries is one of the largest companies in India considering market capitalization. In the¬† Fortune Global 500 companies list, Reliance Industry ranks in 155 positions. Also, being India’s biggest exporter, Reliance industries estimated a net worth of around Rs. 3.8 trillion as of 2021.

Reliance Industries Monthly Turnover and Profit

Reliance industries are India’s most profitable company as it has sources of revenue-generating from petroleum, textiles, financial services, petrochemicals, mass media, entertainment, and many more. Its subsidiaries Reliance Steel and Aluminum and Reliance Communications are responsible for adding about 873 million dollars and 544.7 million dollars a month in the total revenue. The monthly turnover of Reliance Industries collected from all its businesses is approximately around 541.66 billion rupees.

Reliance Industries Yearly Turnover and Profit

Reliance industries recently surpassed Indian oil corporations in the figures of revenue thereby becoming the largest company in India. The company’s refining and marketing business is the prime source of revenue as it generated more than 3.8 trillion rupees. Followed by its retail, petrochemical, telecommunications, and entertainment businesses. As Reliance Industries has maximum exports, it shares about 8%of the country’s entire export business. The company has received an annual turnover of about 4.83 trillion rupees.

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