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James Harden Net Worth

James Harden Net Worth

James Harden is an American Professional basketball player. He was born on August 26, 1989. James is known as one of the best player in the NBA. Also known as best shooting guard in the league. He has collected a great Net Worth charge to his salary, approval earning and others too. Harden was selected in 2009 NBA order by the Oklahoma City Thunder.

James Harden Net Worth

According to 2021, James Harden Net Worth is about $165 Million. Before playing in NBA, he played basketball in his college for the Arizona Sun Devils. In 2012, he won an Olympic gold medal at the Summer Olympics with the United States national basketball team. In January 2021, he was dealt to the Brooklyn Nets. Harden has guided the league in scoring three times in an MPV winner. Also, he is an eight-time NBA All-Star.

Net Worth $165 Million
Annual Income & Salary $44 Million
Monthly Income & Salary $ 3.6 Million
Money Factors Basketball Player

What was James Harden’s Net Worth Last Year?

James Harden is known as one of the best players in basketball. He has signed various agreements with National Basketball Association and earned millions of dollars. Moreover, he has been linked with multiple brands as a brand ambassador and earned millions of dollars for marketing purposes. It is said that last year he earned 165 million dollars from NBA. Last year, he earned 107 million with the NBA while the other endorsements have separate earnings. He has signed a contract of over 376 million dollars from a sports brand last year. Thus, in 2021, James has earned a total of 400 million dollars or above from NBA and other contracts.

 Cars Collection & Worth

Rolls Royce Wraith $330,000.00
Range Rover Autobiography $130,000.00
Bentley Bentayga $150,000.00
Chevrolet Camaro $25,000.00


James Harden finished a high school athlete, and he was named as McDonald’s All-America. In 2006, he played for an AAU team that won the Las Vegas Adidas Super 64 Championship. After graduating, he joined Arizona State and played with their basketball team. James started his career with the Oklahoma City Thunder. After the 2011-2012 season, Harden won the NBA sixth Man of the Year Award. James was in near conflict for the MVP Award – an award which he would definitely win in 2018. Also James Harden guide the league in scoring in a number of times.

James Harden Net Worth including salary and other funds:

James Harden is a famous athlete best known for his basketball skills. He has won enormous matches and became MVP winner due to his unbeatable skills. He was one of the professional basketball players in his college life where he had played for Arizona Sun Devils. One of the best achievements of James is his Olympics win in 2012 that made him the best NBA player.

James Harden, a famous basketball player, has a net worth of 165 million dollars. He has become popular due to his fine gameplay and dynamic moves within a few days of his debut. In 2009 when James started his carrier, James had a maximum earning above 268 million dollars through National Basketball Association. He then led his team for the first time in the NBA; he was the MVP star and the winner. James Harden has made himself the top player due to his continuous eight-time wins in the National Basketball Association. Due to his lifetime achievements, he is one of the top earners of the NBA.

  • He has earned 227 million dollars as salary in the 10 years with NBA contracts.
  • His per year earning amount is above 400 million dollars.
  • He has million dollars contracts with the top multinational sports brands.
  • He made 200 million dollars in 2015 from a sports brand, while his yearly endorsement is separate.

How much money has James Harden made in his career?

James Harden, since his debut, was one of the richest basketball players. He had earned 268 million dollars when he started his career in 2009. His physical power and motivation for the game ultimately led him to be the best basketball player. Thus, he had made the highest scores and maximum money since the beginning. The estimated money from 2020 to 2021 was above 70 million dollars. In the contract of 2021 to 2022, he is going to make 443 million dollars. His total tournament agreement of 13 seasons is 268 million, while his NBA contract of one year is 47 million dollars. Thus, it is proved that James Harden is among the top basketball earners.

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