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Indian Oil Corporation Net Worth

Indian Oil Net Worth

Indian Oil Corp is one of the big names of the oil and refining companies in India. IOCL has been stimulating profits efficiently with a cash flow of 496.96 billion rupees in its financial report of 2021. Hence, we are here discussing more Indian Oil Corporation Net Worth and the business they make every month and year.

Indian Oil Corporation Net Worth

Indian Oil Corporation has the largest oil and Gas Company Market shares in India. The corporation has around 60.5% of the market share in aviation fuel through its IndianOil’s Aviation service. Today the Market value of the Indian Oil Corporation is around 1063.19 billion Indian rupees. The Total Assets of the company are valued at 2.07 trillion billion rupees in Indian currency. Having an upstream integration of 5.5%, the company has an estimated net worth of about 1.11 trillion in Indian rupees.

Indian Oil Monthly Turnover

Indian Oil Corporation has many Subsidiaries like Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited, IndianOil Limited (Mauritius), Lanka IOC PLC, Sri Lanka, IOC Middle East FZE (United Arab Emirates), IOC Sweden AB, IOCL Inc.(United States of America), IndOil Global B.V. Netherlands, and IOCL Singapore Pte. Limited. The IOCL has received around 61.1 billion Indian rupees as its profit after tax(PAT) made by the end of June 2021. Its Quarterly revenue amounted to about 1.56 trillion Indian rupees.

Indian Oil Yearly Turnover

Indian Oil Corporation has Equity valuing nearly 94.14 billion Indian rupees with a return of 19.76% on it. The company has earned an annual income of 3.83 trillion rupees in Indian currency. IndianOil’s net income for the fiscal year 2021 stands at 218.36 billion Indian rupees. With its total liabilities amounting to 2.07 trillion Indian rupees. The annual turnover of the company is estimated at around 5.15 trillion Indian rupees which is comparatively low with the previous year’s 5.66 trillion rupees.

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