ICICI Bank Net Worth

ICICI Bank Net Worth

Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India or simply known as ICICI reported healthy growth in core operating profit of 313.51 billion Indian rupees in its annual report of 2021. ICICI raised ancillary equity capital to improve its capital adequacy.

ICICI Bank Net Worth

ICICI has the third-largest banking services company market share in India. Presently, ICICI holds a market value of around 4.93 trillion Indian rupees. ICICI has some subsidiaries to its name like ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, ICICI Securities, ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company, ICICI Prudential AMC & Trust, ICICI Venture, ICICI Direct, ICICI Foundation, Disha Financial Counselling, and ICICI Home Finance Company Limited. Its 2021FY Net worth is 1.48 trillion Indian rupees, which is the highest in the last five years.

ICICI Bank Monthly Turnover

ICICI observed a fall of 10.93% in its total income growth in the third quarter as compared to the second quarter of 2021. Its consolidated total income was 388.53 billion Indian rupees for the quarter ending in June of 2021. And the bank earned a profit after tax (PAT) of 47.47 billion Indian rupees. The bank enjoyed a year-over-year increase of 11.41% in total assets for the quarter ending in June 2021 valued at 157.5 billion Indian rupees. The quarterly revenue for ICICI Bank amounted to 3.89 billion Indian rupees.

ICICI Bank Yearly Turnover

The company’s equity stands at nearly 13.85 billion Indian rupees. While the total assets of the bank are around 11.72 trillion Indian rupees, the annual income of ICICI amounted to 791.18 billion Indian rupees. ICICI Bank has made an estimated net income of 161.93 billion Indian rupees for the fiscal year of 2021. The total Liabilities of the company were 11.72 trillion Indian rupees. And the annual turnover of the company is observed at around 791.18 billion Indian rupees.

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