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Flipkart Net Worth

Flipkart Net Worth

Flipkart Net Worth: Flipkart is one of the most prominent companies booming in the Indian e-commerce industry. It is known as the most preferable e-commerce website in India as it has successfully garnered loyal customers over more than a decade.

Flipkart Net Worth

Flipkart deals in a variety of products ranging from daily necessities to luxury items. Its website and application are so easy to access for common people combined with its customer service that served as an advantage to the company to win its customers’ trust and build a steadfast image. These various factors ended up earning the company net worth of $37.6 billion dollars. Obviously, the company’s worth has almost doubled ever since Walmart bought Flipkart shares.

Flipkart Monthly Profits & Turnover

Flipkart has also launched its subsidiary in digital commerce services like UPI payments through the PhonePe application and acquired an online clothing store Myntra that proved to chip in a good amount of revenue in Flipkart’s book. With a record of handling around 8 million shipments in a month, Flipkart approximately makes a monthly turnover of Rs. 9.2 billion.

Flipkart Yearly Profits & Turnover

Being India’s most reliable private company in the e-commerce sector, Flipkart has continued to prosper completely based on online selling and buying concepts. Even though it bore few losses in the past year, the company still had a lucrative business in the recent year. With total revenue of Rs. 346 billion Indian amounting in a year, Flipkart yielded a fruitful annual turnover with an increase of 12% in revenue as compared to the previous year.

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