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Elton John Net Worth

Elton John Net Worth

Elton John Net Worth: $520 Million

Elton John is one name you might have heard of if you are into music. He is one of the known British singers, composers, and songwriter. As of now, Elton John’s net worth is around $520 Million. He has sold more than 300 Million albums defines his popularity and net worth. Also, he is one of the most famous commercial musicians and makes between $ 80 Million to $100 Million every year.

How Much Is Elton John’s Net Worth?

Elton John is in his 90s and as per his last comment he spends roughly around $2 Million every year on him. Elton John’s Net worth is around $520 Million and most of his money he has invested in homes and business. Apart from that he also owns some odd 20 cars.

Lately, he has increased good net worth in the last 5 years time. COnsidering in 2008-2009 he had a Net worth of $230 Million and now it is double. Let’s check more in detail about the value of his investment and more.

Elton John Car Collection & Worth

Elton has some of the best cars in his collection he also includes some vintage cars but too expensive. He has around 20 cars including a rare 1993 Jaguar which is $300K. Apart from this car he also owns a Ferrari, Bentleys, and a Rolls Royce.

Art Collection Elton John Has

If you are a true fan of Elton, then you might be aware that he has a great collection of Arts. He is one of those few celebrities that has some most expensive art collections. As per sources, he has an art collection worth $230 Million and above. Below are some of the art collections he owns.

  • Basquiat
  • Damien Hirst
  • Mapplethorpe
  • Haring
  • Warhol

Above all, he also has a great photo collection that is worth $900K and above.

Elton John House & Its Worth

Out of all the investments that Elton John has made properties/ real estate is one investment he has made. For many years Elton lived in Woodside in Berkshire, England. This property was owned by him since 1974 and is spread on a 37-acre land that now is worth $5 Million. The same property he sold in 1988 at $8 million.

In the year 2015, he bought a house in Beverly Hills worth $33 Million. He still owns the property and now its worth is $63 Million. Apart from all this it has invested in other houses in the neighborhood that are all together worth $ 20 Million.

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