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Chuck Norris Net Worth

chuck norris net worth

Chuck Norris is an American martial artist, actor, screenwriter, and producer. Norris is best known for his mastery of martial arts and all-around badassery. He is also the subject of the popular internet meme, Chuck Norris facts. Norris began his career in the United States Air Force as an Air Policeman in 1958. During the 1960s he opened a chain of Karate Schools numbering more than 30 Schools spread over different cities. In 1990, he created the martial art style, Chun Kuk Do which is based on the Tang Soo Do art. In 1990, he became the first-ever Western in the history of Tae Kwon Do to be given the rank of 8th Degree Black Belt Grand Master. Know more about Chuck Norris net worth, cars, house, books and more.

Particular Details
Name Chuck Norris
Birthdate March 10, 1940
Country United States of America
Source of Wealth Professional Actor/Martial Artist
Net Worth $ 70 Million
Last updated: 2021

Chuck Norris Net Worth

Chuck Norris is a renowned personality whose income comes from various resources such as movies, endorsements, books, and so on.  He is a two-time New York best-selling author. Chuck Norris net worth is $70 million.

Chuck Norris Salary/Income

Chuck worked for more than 15 movies and during the peak of his career, Chuck Norris salary was $10,000 per movie. Apart from this, Chuck Norris endorsements deal with different companies where he charges $1 million per year for these deals which has heavily contributed to Chuck Norris net worth.

Chuck Norris Car Collection

Chuck is fond of cars and he has a royal cum luxurious car collection. Among those cars, he has an Aston Martin DB6 which is one of the expensive cars worth $295000. Chuck Norris car collection is as follows:

  1. Austin Mini Cooper- $28400
  2. Honda CRBV- $26145
  3. Chevrolet Suburban- $65500
  4. Lincoln Navigator- 46410
  5. Ford Expedition- 74000
  6. Aston Martin DB6- $295000

Chuck Norris Watches

The well-known actor wears a Swiss Luxury Breitling which costs $3400.

Chuck Norris Endorsement

Chuck has a big deals with big companies. In the 1980s he was a spokesperson for Action Jeans, he promoted these jeans as karate jeans.

The actor signed a deal with Glock company a gun manufacturing company. He is the chief spokesperson of the Glock company.

With Christie Brinkley, Norris appeared in the series of cable TV commercials where he was promoting total gym home fitness equipment.

In 2010, T-Mobile a communication company endorsed him in the Czech Republic. A year later in 2011, he was endorsed by the world of a warcraft video game.

Similarly, he has signed a deal with the Polish Bank BZ WBK which featured in several commercials for the bank. Also, he appeared in the renowned soft drink advertisement of Mountain Dew.

In 2021, Goldco a premium precious Metal company has announced an endorsement deal.

Chuck Norris House/Property

Norris has a good property on his name, in 2013 he bought a Mediterranean ranch-style home in the Northwood Hills, Dallas, for $1.2 million. In 1995, the home was converted into a studio where an action crime television series named Walker Texas Ranger was shooted.

The property is spread over 7,362 square feet which has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, a cinema hall, a swimming pool, and a fitness room.

In addition, Chuck Norris bought a house in North Tustin, California but in 2013 he sold for $3.5 million.

Chuck Norris Books

Chuck has written and published several books. As said earlier, he was two times New York bestseller author. Check Chuck Norris books as follows:

  1. Against All Odds
  2. Black Belt Patriotism
  3. The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book

Chuck Norris Career

Chuck Norris was born on 10 March 194 in Ryan, Oklahoma, U.S. He has witnessed a miserable childhood but somehow managed to complete his education.

In 1969, he won Karate Triple Crown was named the Fighter of the Year. The legendary actor stepped into the Hollywood industry with Dean Martin The Wrecking Crew.

Chuck’s friend the legendary actor and Martial artists Bruce Lee invited him to play the role of the villain in Way to Dragon in 1972. For the movie, Chuck has to gain 20 pounds for the role to look bigger than Bruce Lee.

Subsequently, Norris became serious about his acting career and he began to do more movies. In 1983, Chuck Norris struggle in the movies become the success with Lone Wolf McQuade which was the first-ever box office blockbuster movie.

In the next four years, Norris got much fame in the Hollywood industry and he got more work to do and there he appeared in eight movies.

In 1986, Chuck released his own cartoon show named Chuck Norris:Karate Kommandos in which Chuck featured as Superninja and the claw

For a span of 8 years, from 1993 to 2001, Norris starred in the long broadcasting series Walker, Texas Ranger.

In 2005, as said earlier Norris become the subject of an internet meme called Chuck Norris Facts

In 2012, Chuck Norris did his last movie named The Expandables 2 and eventually, he announced his retirement but after his announcement he played a short role in the TV show The Goldberg.

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