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Chanel West Coast Net Worth

Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2022

Chanel West Coast Net Worth: 3 Million

Chanel West Coast is one of the famous name in the rapping industry and was majorly known form MTV how named “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory”. Music is not the only source of fame and money for her. In fact she is also an actor and an entreprenerd. With all this Chanel West Coast net worth is around $3 Million.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth 2022

The $3 Million net worth that Chanel West Coast made is form music, action and her clothing business. But this is not just cash. Net worth of Chanel West Coast includes her house, business value, cars and more. Let us deep dive on how does Chanel West Coast has a net worth of $3 Million and where is the major chunk of her net worth is from.

How Much does Chanel West Cost Charges per Show?

After the MTV show Chanel has got fame. She is also seen hosting and does live music. If we just talk about hosting a show she charges a rough amount of $200k per host. On the other hand on her live show it depends. Sometime she charges some % on the tickets sold or if it is a small event, then she charges a roughly amount of $80K to $100K for 1 hour.

West Coast Charges House

Being such a big celebrity, house is one great asset/investment that everyone make. As of now she only has 1 house in LA with is estimated to around 2,600 square feet area. This LA house was bought at $1.8 Million.

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