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About Us

InfoNetWorth has a story. Not that historic, but a moment that got a group of people together to help everyone with the right information on Net Worth. The company was decided in the year 2019 but in August 2020, InfoNetworth was made live. 

The idea about InfoNetWorth was founded by Chiranjeevi Bhattarai and co-founded by Irfan Shaikh. Later in the year 2020, a group of like-minded students from Nepal became a part of this idea. is now one of the growing databases having information on net worths.  We cover actors, actresses, companies, businesses man, comedians, wrestlers, and more. 

In 2021, the company had more contributors earning and also helping us with the dream of providing right Net Worth information. 

We Focus On Right Information


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The Members

Chiranjeevi Bhattarai is the founder of He is a known Blogger and a Digital expert working since 2011. He also owns many blogs and companies that belong to his Interest. Similar to his experience years, he has been playing music and has done many stage shows.  

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