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Twitter Net Worth

twitter net worth

Twitter Net Worth: With more than 330 million users, the most one of the most social blogging sites, Twitter is doing slight off in its business in terms of revenue, income, and total equity as the bar is going down.

Twitter Net Worth

Twitter has a fair percentage of market share in the social media market with 10.25% of market share. It has over 25 offices set up around the world. This social blogging site also has a few other social networking and entertainment sites as subsidiaries. Vine, Periscope, MoPub, DriveScale Inc., Reshuffle, Scroll Labs Inc., Lectorius, and Twitter Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd is some of them. It has a net worth of around 48.19 billion US dollars.

Twitter Monthly Turn Over

The company has earned 773 million US dollars as gross profit by the end of the third quarter of 2021. But received a decline of 104.76% year-over-year with the net income totaling 66 million US dollars. The quarterly turnover of Twitter was said to be about 1.190 billion US dollars. While the operating income of social sites stood at 30 million dollars with a decrease of 111.04% year-over-year.

Twitter Annual Turn Over

The company enjoyed an increase of 22.12% year-over-year in its assets by the end of June 2021 as the total assets amounted to 15.323 billion US dollars. While the company’s total liabilities stood at 7.607 billion US dollars. Having about 2.859 billion US dollars as its total gross profit, the annual turnover of the company is estimated at around 4.452 billion US dollars with an increase of 34%.

Twitter competitors

Twitter is not the only player in the market connected to people on the web, making a Social Networking platform. Twitter In fact, is known more because of the other competitor brands. Let us find out Twitter competitors:


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