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Seven Things your Post Office Can Do Besides Delivering Mail

Seven Things your Post Office Can Do Besides Delivering Mail

Postal service is ancient as it persisted as early as 2400 BCE and may even precede that date. Post office in today’s world represents a public facility that provides different services to the citizens. According to research, people like it more if they will have a post office rather than a pub or restaurant in their locality.

Post offices play a vital role in the local communities for various reasons. It performs different functions such as sending and receiving parcels, banking services, getting local information, and paying bills. But what else does a post office do besides delivering mail to our houses? Let’s discuss that now.

Apply for a Passport

Many post offices offer assistance with passport applications and renewals. You can schedule an appointment by calling the post office or going in person. It is crucial to schedule an appointment since post offices frequently alter their operating hours. The second step would be to review your documentation carefully.

It can be upsetting to arrive at the post office after a long journey to discover that you lack the necessary paperwork to submit your application. The third and final piece of advice is to have your picture taken at the post office; however, not all post offices may offer this service; therefore, it is advised to double-check. Alternatively, you can check all the important information regarding your post office at bayonne post office.

Business Marketing

Surprisingly, now you can do marketing of your business from your regional post office. Many people may find this strange, yet it offers many benefits.  Whether you recently launched a new company or wished to tap into a new market or audience, direct mail and flyer distribution can be used to reach the audience you want. Remember that to avoid having your flyer thrown in the trash, you must make it visually appealing and it must contain catchy words that can pique the audience’s interest.

The same thing applies to mail; it must be intriguing and engaging. However, avoid going overboard by distributing flyers daily, as people can even start to criticize you. You can take advantage of this remarkable technique to expand your organization’s reach by employing mail service properly.

You can get a money order.

You can get a money order at your neighborhood post office if you prefer not to visit a bank. Do you know that a money order is a more reliable payment than a cheque? Money orders can be a perfect substitute for personal checks and cash sent over the mail. Additionally, it is a less expensive, more commonly used, and more reliable way to receive payment.

Before ordering a money order, you should keep a few things in mind. First, you should have the money order receipt, which will allow you to track your transaction and will also work as documentation of your payment. You can use a money order to send up to $1000. Bring some ID documentation with you when you cash your money order. Additionally, always sign a money order in front of a retail associate. Moreover, the post office offers the necessary support if your money order is lost or stolen.

Send a package

You can ship any box or item domestically from your local post office. Choose a box that can accommodate the products and is of the right size. The main benefit is that many post offices now sell boxes, which makes your tasks much easier. Packing your package correctly is the next step. Use 2-inch wide packing tape to tape it so that nothing within your box protrudes. The third step is to accurately state the recipient’s address where the package will be sent. The next step is to select a mail service, which will rely on two things: first, how quickly you need to ship the package, and second, how much you are ready to pay. Then select the appropriate postage, which will speed up the delivery of your courier.

Tracking services

Occasionally, you might need to know where your goods are heading. To assist you in doing that, several post offices offer tracking services. You can visit the post office’s website to track your mail or package. You can check the status of your mail by entering the tracking number. Additionally, you can access the item’s services and tracking history. You can even ask for a text message or email confirming the item’s delivery. Additionally, you can give the delivery person directions on where to leave your item or letter if no one is available to receive it.

On-demand mail picks up.

In today’s busy world, staying home and waiting for a mail or package to get picked up is tough. So time-sensitive people can take advantage of the on-demand service the post offices offer. You can arrange to pick up your mail at a given time and on a particular date. There may be an extra fee, but it is pretty convenient If you work a long day or don’t stay home very often.

Clothing and accessories

Yes, you heard it right several post offices have just begun to offer apparel. It can be a fresh choice for every fashionista to consider. A strange but interesting combo that might excite a lot of people. Additionally, it is a novel source of income for many post offices today. It also has a variety of clothing options. Therefore, you can go shopping if you don’t want to send a letter through the post office.


Even in the era of advanced technology and emails, post offices play a significant role in society. Even though it is an ancient public service, sending vital documents, forms, newsletters, and journals through the post office is still quite relevant. In many developed countries post office still holds very much importance as it is a government entity and may help connect to the common people. This article comprehensively gives you an idea of the services your local post office offers in addition to the usual mail delivery that you can take advantage of.

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