Friday, September 23, 2022

Know Your Properities True Worth.

Get Loan Against Your Properity at the best Interest Rate. You can get loan in no time if you have. 

  • Commercial Properity 
  • Residencial Properity 

Get Loan Againts Properity AKA Mortgage Loan

We also know Loan Againts Properoty as Morgage loan. With this loan type you can raise loan using your residential, commercial or industrial properity. You can get Loan with Loan Againts Properity at minimum 8% interest which is offered by Banks and HFC’s. The minimum tenuer for LAP is 20 years. If you are planning to take loan againts your properity then you can let us know. Or know more about how to apply, eligibility and more. 

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List of Banks We Work With

For Loan Against Properity we work with several banks. Here we have listed few of them. If you are looking for more banks apart form the one listed here you can connect with us and we can explore with more than 30 Banks we are associated with. 

Bank Minimum Interest P.A.  Maximum Loan Amount
SBI 0.0845 Rs 7.5 crore
HDFC Bank 0.08 Up to 65% of the property value
IDFC First 0.075 Rs.7 crore
Tata Capital 0.101 Rs.3 crore
Axis Bank 0.079 Rs.5 crore
Kotak Mahindra Bank 0.095 Rs.5 crore
IIFL 0.115 Rs.10 crore

Eligibility of Loan Against Property

Before you apply for Loan Against Properity, you must be aware if you are eligible for it. Having a properity alone will not give you loan, there are other factors that you should match before you apply for a Loan againts your properity. 

  • Property Location: India
  • Properity Type: Residential, Commercial, Industrial
  • Appliciant age: Minimum 25 years and Maximum 65 years
  • Employment type:  Salaried or Self-employed
  • Monthly Income: Rs.25,000 minimum monthly income Deed, etc.

List Of Documents Required For Loan Against Property

Having all the docuemnts the bank need will help you to process your loan requirement ASAP. Hence, before you apply fro Loan Againts Property ensure  you have all the documents given below. 

Property Documents

  • Copy of original sale deed
  • Allotment Letter
  • Possession Letter
  • NOC from society

Personal Documents

  • Proof of Identity: PAN card, Passport etc
  • Address Proof: Electricity Bill, Light Bill, Aadhaar card etc 
  • Income Proof: ITR, Form 16, Salary Slip. etc