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Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth

Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth

Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth: Former from Manchester City,  is one of the most popular players in the Premier League. In fact, he was one of the highest-paid players on the Liverpool team.  He has been playing for Manchester City for the last 5 + years. Currently Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth is around $98 Million. Here we are going to see Kevin De Bruyne’s income and earnings in detail.

Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth

Weekly, the salary of Kevin is around $328K. Whereas yearly he makes around $16 Million. Let us see his overall growth in salary in the last so many years.


Year Weekly Wage Yearly Salary Club League
2021  318,238  16,548,394 Manchester City Premier League
2020  318,238  16,548,394  Manchester City Premier League
2019  318,238  16,548,394 Manchester City Premier League
2018  318,238  16,548,394 Manchester City Premier League
2017  207,546  10,792,431 Manchester City Premier League
2016  207,546  10,792,431 Manchester City Premier League
2015  207,546  10,792,431 Wolfsburg German First Division
2014  207,546  10,792,431 VfL Wolfsburg German First Division

Most Asked Question For Kevin De Bruyne

Check below the list of most asked questions related to Kevin De Bruyne.

Q. When is Kevin De Bruyne Contact Expiring With Manchester City?

A- As per the contact between Manchester City and Kevin De Bruyne his contract will expire on 30-06-2023.

Q. When did Kevin De Bruyne played his first match?

A – Kevin played his first match in the year 1997–1999  with KVV Drongen.

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