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Dwight Howard Net Worth

Dwight Howard Net Worth- Earnings, Career & Salary

Dwight Howard Net Worth: $150 million

Dwight David Howard II is an American professional basketball player. He has an interest in playing basketball when he was nine. Howard is very quick and versatile where he has played a guard position. After joining Southwest Atlanta Christain Academy mostly he played power forward. In 2004, Howard decided to go with basketball as his career. The inspiration was taken from Kevin Garnett.

As his career begins in NBA he has been blooming. In 2006 he has been named to the USA basketball men’s senior national team program. Moreover, he has been named as the one go the members of the 12-man squad which is representing the United States in the Olympic Games in Beijing. Know more about Dwight Howard net worth, career, earnings, and more.

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Dwight Howard Net Worth

Howard is one of the richest NBA players. He has signed a profitable deal with many teams and his performance increased his demand in NBA. In 2017 Dwight Howard net worth was $110 million. As soon as he progresses his net worth has increased to $150 million. There was an upsurge in his net worth of $40 million.

Dwight Howard Salary/NBA Contract

Dwight is one of the renowned and richest players in the NBA. He has played with a number of teams where his earnings and scoring stats are quite impressive. Here’s the Dwight Howard salary and NBA contract.

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YearTeamSalary/NBA Contract
2004-2005Orlando Magic$4,179,720
2005-2006Orlando Magic$4,493,160
2006-2007Orlando Magic$4,806,720
2007-2008Orlando Magic$6,061,274 
2008-2009Orlando Magic$13,758,000
2009-2010Orlando Magic$15,202,590
2010-2011Orlando Magic$16,647,180
2011-2012Orlando Magic$18,091,770
2012-2013Los Angeles Lakers$19,261,200
2013-2014Houston Rockets$20,513,178
2014-2015Houston Rockets$21,436,271
2015-2016Houston Rockets$22,359,364
2016-2017Atlanta Hawks$23,500,000
2017-2018Charlotte Hornets$23,500,000
2018-2019Brooklyn Nets$18,919,725
2018-2019Washington Wizards$5,337,000
2019-2020Los Angeles Lakers$2,564,753
2020-2021Philadelphia 76ers$2,564,753
2021-2022Los Angeles Lakers$2,641,691
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