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Disney Net Worth

Disney Net Worth

Even though Disney is one of the most famous and favorite entertainment means of the audience especially children and teens, The Walt Disney Company is going through a tad rough patch in terms of its financial stability for the last few months.

Disney Net Worth

The great Disney has a firm hold in all the segments of the industry by clasping 23.16% of market share in cable networks, 20.54% in media networks, 26.37% in Parks & Resorts section, 10.07% in studio entertainment,11.89% in consumer products, 2.11% in interactive media, and 15.69% of market share in media networks advertising. Disney owns a major part of few subsidiaries like A+E Networks, ESPN Inc., Marvel Entertainment, and National Geographic Partners. The company’s net worth stands at 319.81 billion US dollars as of September 2021.

Disney Monthly Turnover

Disney has a 1.16% increase with 1.830 billion US dollars as the company’s outstanding shares. The company faced a decline in its net income as it generated 918 million US dollars by the end of the third quarter. The quarterly revenue for Disney amounted to 17.022 billion US dollars with an increase of 44.51% year-over-year. It earned a gross profit of around 5.789 billion US dollars. While its operating income stood at 1.320 billion US dollars.

Disney Annual Turnover

The equity of Walt Disney is nearly 88.26 billion US dollars. The company’s annual gross profit for the financial year 2021 amounts to around 19.788 billion US dollars. However, the net income for 2021FY was assessed as 1.126 billion US dollars. Having about 111.099 billion US dollars as its total liabilities, the annual turnover of the company is estimated at around 63.591 billion US dollars with a decline of 8.9%.

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