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David Spade Net Worth

David Spade Net Worth, Salary, Cars, Affairs

David Spade Net Worth: $177 Million

The success and worth David Spade has achieves is not that easy to get. He started his career as a cast in American late night TV show named “Saturday Night Live“. Later he started to focus on acting and comedy and got his first break in a comedy film “Tommy Boy” released in the year 1995. Now he is popular and get a lot of endorsements opportunity. Considering David Spade net worth, he has a roughly around $177 Million.

Making a net worth if $177 Million, was not a easy journey for David Spade. He had to start form scratch and after a lot of struggle he manage to make such money. Let us find out more about David Spade and his worth.

David Spade Net Worth

As said earlier David Spade net worth is around $177 Million. He has done very few comedy movies, but all of them were super hit movies making Millions in box office. If we talk about David’s assets then he had assets worth $50 Million.

Where as if we ask, how much does David Spade makes every year then it might be around $30 Million.

David Spade Per Episode Charges

David is specially known for his TV Shows and host he does. The very recent update on his per episode charges says that he use to charge around $180k per episode, and now he charges around $300K per episode. But if we consider his monthly income then it is more than $4 Million that includes his movies, shows and other endorsements.

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David Spade House & Its Worth

David has bought and sold numerous houses. His house in Malibu was sold at $11 Million. The most profitable deal he made for his house that he bought in the year 2001 at $4 at Beverly Hills. The same house was sold in the year 2022 for $19.9 Million.

We can clearly say that David Spade does has a good hand in real estate. Currently, David stays in his house located at Hollywood Hills which is worth $13 Million.

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Cars that David Spade owns

There is not 1 or 2, but more than 4 expensive sports and luxurious cars that David has. One of that is Bugatti Chiron which is worth $3 Million. Apart form that, he also owns a Porsche 911, Ferrari Portofino, and Range Rover Autobiography. Apart form that he also owns a $1 Million Lamborghini Aventador.

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Things People Ask About David Spade

David Spade is known and people do keep searching for him a lot. Hence, here we have got list of few questions that people usually ask about David Spade.

How tall is David Spade?

David Spade is roughly 1.70 Meter tall which is around 5 foot 5 inches.

List of David Spade Affairs

David is single and had several affairs. Few of his famous affairs were with Naya Rivera, Kaitlynn Carter, Sara Foster and more.

When was David Spade born and what is his age now?

David spade was born in July 22, 1964 and currently he is 58 years old.

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